Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery and Things to Know About Lip Augmentation

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plastic surgery tipsIf you want to change or reshape certain features or parts of your body, then cosmetic surgery is the answer. This is usually undergone by individuals who are not satisfied with how they look. However, some doctors recommend patients to undergo certain cosmetic surgeries for health purposes.

There are also other treatments that do not require surgery such as Botox and dermal fillers. These treatments are not very risky and can be performed inside a salon. These are called non-surgical cosmetic treatments.


Yes, there are, and it is important to know about this in order to prevent possible risks. There are a lot of reasons and possibilities that a person cannot undergo cosmetic surgery, these are also known as contraindications. Here are a few examples:

People who are taking medications – If you are currently taking medications, then it is not advisable to undergo cosmetic surgery. This may create a conflict with the healing process.

People who are smoking – Smoking can also cause an effect if you undergo cosmetic surgery. However, if you are a smoker it does not mean that you can never undergo cosmetic surgery. A good solution is to quit smoking when you are about to undergo the procedure.

People with old age – There are also certain cosmetic procedures that include age as one of the factors that are needed to be taken into consideration.

Teenagers – There are no scientific reasons as to why teenagers are not allowed to undergo cosmetic surgery. If ever they really want to, they need to provide parental consent. However, most of the professionals highly suggest that it would be best for teenagers to wait for their physical body to fully grow. In that way, they can properly decide what changes they want to achieve.


Breast Augmentation – this procedure will improve the size of the breast, this is commonly called breast implant. A person can’t undergo breast augmentation if:

A person has a history of breast implant which was unsuccessful

A person has a history of breast cancer

A person has a current infection

A person is allergic to silicon

A person is currently taking medication which causes blood clotting

A person has a psychological illness

A person has a very painful cyst in the breast

Body Contouring, Tucks, and Lifts – this procedure tightens the sagging skin. In this cosmetic surgery, the remaining skin becomes weak and thin. So if you are an individual who usually gains weight fast right after the removal of the skin then this cosmetic surgery may not be for you. If a person gains too much weight rapidly, may break their skin. You are perfect for this if a person already stabilized their weight and health.

Blepharoplasty – or what we call eyelid surgery. This is not recommended for people who have detached retina, glaucoma, and dry eye.

There is also lip augmentation which is the procedure of injecting dermal fillers in the lips to achieve natural results and help people enhance their beauty. There is heaps of articles about it, if you want a more in-depth explanation and you can also visit lip augmentation clinic in Melbourne to learn more.


If you ask most patients of cosmetic surgeries why they chose to undergo surgery, their answer would be to “enhance their appearance”. A lot of people are being unhappy with what they look like and they wanted to boost their self-esteem. Plus, a person who has undergone cosmetic surgery also improve psychologically because they begin to be satisfied with what they look like.

There might be times that a patient is not satisfied with their cosmetic surgery’s outcome and the main reason behind this is that they underwent the surgery at a very young age. So always remember to think first before deciding.